Idaman Abadi's Schedule

Monday, February 15, 2010

Engagement (Part 2) ~ 14th Feb 2010

Ordered by Mizan to Zana 4 their engagement
Weight: 2kg
Shape: Circle
Topping: Fondant
Theme color: Black, White, Red

Engagement (Part 1) ~ 14th Feb 2010

Ordered by Zana to Mizan for their engagement
Quantity: 25pcs
Size: 2oz
Topping: Buttercream, fondant
Theme color: White, Black, Red

I Love U ~ 13th Feb 2010

Ordered 4 Valentine's Day
Quantity: 25pcs
Topping: Buttercream
Theme: Colourful (Animals,flowers,etc.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love You ~ 12th Feb 2010

Ordered by Lily 4 her husband
Quantity: 9pcs
Size: 2oz
Flavour: Choc cake
Topping: Buttercream
Theme: Loving2 gitu...Hehehe...